The Vegan Deli was an idea and concept born from Nick & Dave, two friends trying to transition toward veganism. Knowing that it was something that we wanted and needed to achieve but also fully aware of the challenges involved; cravings and limited choice in the market.

Our mission will remain to source and offer fast delivery of plant-based alternatives that are not only comparable to their animal alternatives but better, in every way.

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We're adding new tasty plant based products to our live up weekly but The Vegan Deli offer a selection of the best non-dairy milks, yoghurts and cheeses as well as substitute meats, condiments, meals, salads and desserts. Delicious plant-based and nutritious options for breakfast through to dinner, healthy, low calorie options as well as comfort foods..

Why MenuVenu

MenuVenu help us connect and engage with our growing customer base as our marketing partner. As e small team on a small budget developing as many artisanal products as possible, with great quality means research and development takes time!

They make it easy for our customers to order online and get fast delivery using their menuvenu.com website.

And as the leading Plant Based website in Bangkok for ordering we know we need to be there to help bring new customers and expose our products to new areas. Plus, they share our passion for plant based.

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