Coronavirus Guide for the F&B Industry

How to prepare food safely during a public health emergency.

The world seems to have come to a stop but people still need feeding and switch to online ordering for delivery and takeaway has given the restaurant industry serious challenges.

Many restaurants are relying on apps such as Grab, Foodpanda and the like, but many are now focusing on self delivery. But regardless, there is a need for restaurants to change and adapt.

Whilst there there isn't any evidence the virus is being spread through packaging or food itself, Vaughn Tan, a qualitative sociologist at University College London who studies restaurants and uncertainty, reports, "we need to simply be much more prudential than probably is necessary". Working with scientists like Jennifer Gardy, the Deputy Director of Surveillance, Data and Epidemiology at the Gates Foundation, he's put together a best practices guide for the food and beverage industry.

But the need for care extends beyond the restaurant and foodies must now be more aware of the potential for COVID-19 transmission via packaging etc. To help restaurants advise customers we have prepared a brief PDF document that can be used and shared on Facebook pages and websites. The more customers believe that restaurants are taking the challenge seriously, the more they will believe and support their local stores.

Restaurants can get a copy of the guide here.

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