great customer service IN YOUR restaurant, and after your customer leaves.


In a recent study, nearly 30 percent of people said they were afraid to eat out. Many restaurants have come to consider that their biggest competition right now isn't a restaurant across the street, it's what's in their customers' refrigerator. To tempt customers, safety and trust are now valued as highly as price and value. 



Welcome all and never let a customer leave without introducing your brand and sharing your welcome. It's about people so we help you build relationships. Long term success depends on repeat business - this is your core profit stream. 



Our contactless menu means that the 38% of guests who have strong fears about items touched by others can eat in safety. Our table ordering technology makes it easy, fun and safe.



The daily challenges fo the restaurant business mean most struggle with new technology and innovative marketing. SMART CX brings a new strategy and the latest tech at a price and simplicity that can be ground breaking for overwhelmed restaurateurs. Unlock the hidden profits in your business.

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