Frequently asked questions

How it works

How does it work?

Just choose your restaurant and order your food via menuvenu.

Do you deliver?

menuvenu does not deliver but some of our restaurant partners do have delivery teams and you can order delivery from these restaurants

What's room service?

menuvenu connect hotel guests and local restaurants. If you're staying in a hotel, then most people are not sure of the address, so menvuenu make it easy. Just select room service, and duding the checkout online, pick your hotel and teh address will be automatically selected.

Do I need location to be activated?

Yes! To get the full service and avoid issues please ensure you phone or computer has location enabled for MENUVENU. On your computer browser look for the location icon as shown below. In your mobile open Settings and enable Location

Loyalty cashback

Can I get cashback without ordering?

Yes. Most of our member restuarants have cashback if you order instore. You need to use the menuvenu app and scan the store QR code. Just ask a waiter, they can help.

How does it work?

Just order your food via the online or menuvenu app and you will automaticaly earn loyalty cashback at every particiating restaurant. Your cashback amount depends on how much you spend. The cashback is added to your Cashback Wallet and you can spend this anytime on any future order. Every menuvenu eatery partner has their own rewards programme which you can use here on menuvenu.

What if I don't order online?

No problem, many of our retaurant partners let you earn cashback without ordering. It is easy, just scan their QR code with the menuvenu app and you'll earn cashback - it's just like the old loyalty card where they stamped each visit, but now you'll never lose a card again.

How much cashback can I earn?

Up to 10% of your order can be added to your Wallet. Each restaurant has it's own reward scheme, but the more you spend, the more you earn. You can see how much loyalty cashback you're getting on every order as you are ordering and you can see your grand total anytime. If you are ordering offline, using a QR scan, then each eatery will give you a fixed amount for each order. It's just like getting a coffee stamp for your loyalty card, but with menuvenu there's no card to lose or forget.

How do I redeem the cashback?

You can spend your cashback anytime you like on any order. If you have cash in your Cashback Wallet, then you'll get the option at the end of an order to use your cash. It is just so easy!

Can I save the cash?

Yes . It's a great idea to keep them and build your Wallet to max value.

Does the cashback expire?

Your cashback has a time limit of a year on them, so you can use it anytime within a calendar year.

Do I have to be a member?

Yes, you can only get cashback via menuvenu cashback loyalty. Our eatery partners will give real cash in your menuvenu rewards bank, so you need to join (only once though via menuvenu, then you can add as many eateries as you like).


There's a problem with my order?

If you have not got what you ordered or there is any issue, please speak direct to the eatery staff. Call a waiter if in store or phone if a delivery. menuvenu cannot usually help on any order as you are placing the order direct and not with menuvenu.

How long will my order take?

When you order, the kitchen will notify you within a few minutes about the wait time. You will also get an email with order confirmation.

What if there is an issue with my order?

The restaurant will send a response within minutes if there is a problem. You'll get an email and push notification to your phone if you ordered by the app. They will be asking for you to get in touch and your order will not be processed until you contact them.

What about if they miss my order?

Sometimes things get so busy an order can be missed, and if this happens we're very sorry. But, no worries, the eatery will still have your order, even if they missed it, so just call them direct and you will be able to fix it. Don't call menuvenu because we cannot help, your order has gone direct to the kitchen so call them. Their number will show on your screen if it is missed, or check the info on their menuvenu profile.

How do we receive orders?

On LINE register account

How long it might take to accept an order?

Taking the order depends on you or your trained staff. So we will say less than 2 minutes.

Does the restaurant has to make an invoice?


Do Menuvenu have a printer specially for invoice?

To receive orders merchant do not need printers however they can rent out printers from MenuVenu for additional charge 500/month.

How can customer can view history of placed order from MenuVenu?

Customers can see their history orders the MenuVenu website and/or PWA app.

Can customer place order if is not registered on MenuVenu?

No, customer are required to complete sign up process in order to process with check out

How can customer send special request or instruction about food while placing orders?

Before payment page there is special instruction window where customer can provide special requirements

How customers know the order status?

Via Email & SMS

Can the customer contact the restaurant directly?


What times can customers order for?

We deliver every day from morning until late at night, and different restaurants will have different opening times. Customer needs to visit the homepage to see which restaurants are available in their area.

How do customers know their order is confirmed?

We will send an order confirmation email once we receive the order.

Can the customer change the address once the order has been placed?

Customer can contact the rider to arrange pickup point nearby to their location but an entirely different address is not possible. As it would require different delivery cost

Will the customer get an invoice?

Yes. Customer will get an invoice from our team at the time of delivery.

How is a test order different from a normal order?

Items will be randomly selected from your store’s menu for a test order. With a test order, you can see all the normal steps that a real order would go through. NOTE: There is some functionality that is not available for test orders. For example, a driver will not be assigned to pick up the order nor will you be able to contact the customer. These functionalities will be available in a real orders

Can we receive weekly or monthly follow-ups/ reports?

Yes. we will send the detailed invoice/bills. Cycle will be decided based on the restaurant's requirement.

Market Price Meals

What are Market Price Meals?

Why should a pizza cost the same at 3pm as 7pm, when demand is different? We're used to price changes for flights and hotels, now it is the same for eating out. menuvenu put hungry people and empty seats together so everyone is a winner.

How does Market Price Meals work?

Just move the red discount bubbles and see the deals available. Choose your time to eat and see where the best deals are at that time within 7 kms. Or fancy something particular, then type in cuisine and location, and you'll get your results where you can choose the lowest price at that time.

Is it the same menu as inside the restaurant, right?

Yes, it is the same menu, same portions, everything is the same, but the time means the prices DO change. Lower prices off peak.

You mean the price changes during the day?

Yes, same as airlines and hotels. Just check the menu for the restaurant in menuvenu app or online and it changes automatically. You can see the saving and all you have to do is find the best deals and use menuvenu to order.

Allergy & special diets


What if my fave restaurant is not listed?

No problem, send us an email and we'll invite them to join our team,

What's MenuVenu?

menuvenu is the home of meals with deals! With hundreds of restaurants and new deals every day, wherever you eat out, whatever your fancy, we try to make it easier and cheaper to eat with menuvenu. Order.Eat.Save. Simple as that!

How is menuvenu different from delivery apps?

menuvenu want to make it easy for foodies to get their food, so we let you choose from pick up, order from the table, book & order your food, delivery (if restaurtant offers) and room service for hungry hotel guests

Why should I use Menu Venu?

We all love free stuff, right? People love menuvenu because they can find great savings ALL of the time. Plus, it's easy to order with online order and re-order for pickup, eat in, or order from table.

Do I have to sign up for every eatery?

Nope! Just sign up via our app or website and then you will be able to order from any menuvenu partner. Just search and order, then you'll be able to order and earn discounts and cashback automatically every time.

Can I pre-order?

Skip the queue, plan ahead and order your food for collection when you arrive with our pre-order option. You can order in advance and collect anytime during opening hours.

How do I pay?

Each eatery is different, but the options are cash, credit/debit card, and if you are in store, then to run a tab and pay at the end of your meal.

Is there a registration fee and what documents are needed?

No charge, no fee, no risk MenuVenu requires to restaurant: Menu with top 30 items, photos, and logo. Information should be sent by email.

Why is your solution free?

MenuVenu is a one stop solution that put your restaurant business online. We have other value added services which customer may wishes to upgrade any time.

Whats the sign- in process like?

Restaurant can send us confirmation email for joining our platform, we will send you a form which can be easily filled online with all necessary information required to be listed.

When is the contract expiry date?

The contract is for 1 year.

What are the unique features/benefits of using MenuVenu?

Menuvenu have a proven and unique strategy for every restaurant to be part of the TECHNOLOGY REVOLUTION. We charge NO commissions and menuvenu will set you up at no cost. On Menuvenu platform merchant can sell their menu with current deals and cash back offers with no commission or fees.

What kind of restaurants are listed on MenuVenu?

All kind of restaurants who offers delivery & takeaway services can be listed on the platform.

Does MenuVenu charge the same prices as the restaurant does in the restaurant?

Yes, We encourage restaurants to always use the same pricing for delivery as they do for their in-house. Pricing for each menu item is clearly displayed on the website. If customer have any questions about menu pricing, he/she will contact the restaurant directly.

Can the customer place orders in advance?

Yes, customer can place a order in advance by using order ahead feature on the platform

Is there a MenuVenu app?

Menuvenu has PWA app which can be installed only on Androids, by end-users directly from their mobile browser's to their phone upon visiting the website.

What is MenuVenu Collections?

MenuVenu Collections is where you'll find food for different lifestyles and choices. From plant based, to halal, to options that are hard to find in other delivery food Apps.

What is Mama’s Kitchen?

Mama’s Kitchen are authentic and traditional recipes cooked from home.

Which languages are supported?

Menuvenu platform is available in Thai & English.

Do MenuVenu has a Loyalty program?


Can I order from MenuVenu for someone else?


What restaurants let the customers order online?

There are hundreds of restaurants on Menuvenu Thailand that let customers order online. In order to check all the restaurants, Customers needs to type in their address and discover all the available places.

How can I update the hours that my restaurant is available on MenuVenu App?

Through the back end, if access is given. If not, by sending an email to the MenuVenu support team

How do I create a new menu or overhaul an existing one?

Through the back end, if access is given. If not, by sending an email to the MenuVenu support team

How can I update the price of an item on my menu?

Through the back end, if access is given . If not, by sending and email with the update information to the MenuVenu support team.

How can I update the photos on my restaurant’s menu?

Through the back end, if access is given . If not, by sending and email with the update information to the MenuVenu support team.


Do we need our own delivery?

No, is not mandatory.

Can we use a third-party company? Which ones?

Yes its optional but not required, we are partnered with Lalamove and deliveriee.

What’s the limit for waiting period for their drivers to get our foods and delivering period to customers?

Driver will pick up food in 10 to 30 minutes and deliver it with in 10 to 30 more minutes.

In case of being unable to contact customers or cancelling orders, how do they deal with that? Will they be responsible for our lost?


What happens if customers cancels an order?

Customer can contact the MenuVenu support to cancel their orders. Same goes for the restaurant. But, once an order is processed then it cannot be cancelled.

Can MenuVenu pickup from two different places?


Is there a minimum spend required for order?

Depends on restaurant preferences

How can the customer track the order?

We will send them the tracking link to track the rider either via email, SMS or website directly.

What if a driver doesn’t pick up an order?

If a driver doesn’t pick up an order, you may chat with us, and we'll look into it.


Can we set promotion by ourselves?


Do we have a Marketing team support in case we need it?


I have a question about my-self marketing campaign?

You can contact our Marketing team

How does the cash-back works?

When you make a successful order at a participating restaurant, you will be eligible to receive a percentage of the order value as a voucher for your next order at the same restaurant on MenuVenu . First order must be pay in full.

Can I choose the Cash-back percentage?


How do the customers redeem a voucher code?

If the customer have a voucher code, he/she can redeem this on the website. On the website, click ‘Add a Code’ on the checkout page.

AI System

Does the website has a FAQs section?


Is the website mobile-friendly?


Do you provide POS system

we do not provide POS system

Im having troubles to log-gin.

Try clearing browser's cache. If that doesn't helps then reach out to Menuvenu support via line @menuvenusupport.

Trasnferring Money

How do we receive money from customers?

By All kinds of cards & Paypal

Cash-on-delivery is an option?

At the moment we only offer card payment and Paypal. But our team is working hard to have cash-on-delivery option soon.

Why doesn't MenuVenu accept cash?

We only take card payments because it lets us provide you with the best possible experience. It creates a safer working environment for riders too.

What are the available modes of payment in MenuVenu?

Customers can pay online while ordering at MenuVenu Thailand by using a credit or debit card or PayPal.

What happens in case of a payment failure after the amount is deducted?

Menuvenu will refund the customer

How are you protecting customers details?

Customers details are secure with our secured servers and payments by Omise.

Who will receive payment of orders?

Restaurant owners.

Do the customer have to tip?

Whether the customer tip or not is completely up to him/she.


How can we connect with the MenuVenu team?

By joining LINE:@Menuvenusupport Email: or Mobile phone:

If we have problems with the system, who is the person in charge?

Menuvenu support team

Will that person be available 24/7?

No, only working hours from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm Monday-Sunday.

What if I have more questions or need support?

You can reach to us by joining group “@Menuvenusupport” via LINE or read our FAQs section on

The day we will start using the platform, will there be someone to help testing the system?


Customers Data

How do we transfer customers from all channels we have (Facebook, Instagram, Line, Line Shop) to the MenuVenu website?

By our platform called AMIGO

What is AMIGO platform?

AMIGO form MenuVenu is a dedicated marketing platform that enables any restaurant to easily build an online business using proven marketing strategies and leading edge technology.