Let's make it personal

Marketing is dead! It is all about people, relationships and community. MenuVenu enable your business to connect and build connections to your customers that bring them back more often and spend more each visit.

Your venu, your menu, your way

Mobile loyalty programmes are proving the way to go for savvy food businesses. It's the must have for fast, powerful and cost-effective growth. Customer's now expect to get more from their purchasing experience - and that means personalised appreciation. 


Menu Venu is YOUR mobile loyalty platform with an integrated ordering that can give you back your business. Customers place orders directly and pay into your bank - because it's your customer. They earn rewards from your bespoke loyalty programme and can easily order, re-order, pre-order.


Grab 'em, keep 'em, love 'em, and see your profits grow.

One customer at a time

Building your customer base is like eating pizza, one slice at a time. Menu Venu have a simple but powerful way to make sure your business gets a full portion: our mobile ordering and loyalty platform.


Your venu, your menu, your customer! Take back your business and be in control with your own online order & loyalty platform


We work with you to plan and build an online strategy that drives sales and creates profits from your own customer's


An online loyalty programme that makes it easy for you to grab, hold and build customer's - bringing them back time after time.


Giving your customer's personalised offers and chat is a proven customer service solution.

what customers


79%  want order discounts

64%  want loyalty points

54%  want easy order 

36%  want easy re-order 

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